In my classes I combine meditation, gentle and nourishing yin yoga poses, and contemplation, with the healing power of intuitive writing, and creativity to align mind, body and spirit.

My intention is to create a space where feelings, life experiences, goals and body movements are safely expressed and lived. 


With an intimate personal approach I guide you to find your own voice, to tune into the rhythms of your body and breath and to listen deeply to the most intimate part of your soul, on and off the mat. 


I like to think of my teaching as rhythmical poetry, with deep focus on self discovery, compassionate inquiry and safe body movements to create a beautiful balance between your inner and outer persona. 

My classes are in English but you can speak to me in German, Italian, French, Albanian, Spanish and Portuguese. 

In every person there is an energy, a deep wisdom an inner knowing, which when revealed can transform everything.  

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